About Us

"Reducing Green Energy - Increasing GREEN Cash"

nErgy Concepts, LLC (NC) is a Virginia based, Veteran Disabled Owned, energy consulting, Energy Innovations, and Energy Conservation Management Consulting firm.  
NC main focus is on 21st century energy solutions/innovations that are in alignment with our motto for helping our customers in “Reducing Energy cost – Increasing Green Cash” to ensure sustainable and profitable customer base in areas such as:  energy, petroleum, manufacturing, transportation and commercial projects.  
NC has capacity to deliver Energy Management/Concepts training programs for veteran training, workforce development or integration into current college level engineering or business programs to ensure that 21st century Green/Clean Energy objectives/goals are met. nErgy Concepts CEO, Mr. Tonnie G. Harrison, CEM, PEM  (24 Year Navy Veteran), Presidential Energy Award Winner provides a track record of delivering results, savings and innovative ideas in the green energy space. 

Areas of Effectiveness, Capacity and  Capabilities

  • Energy Management Consulting
  • Green Energy Technology & Innovation
  • Energy Training For Veterans, Workforce Programs & Academic Institutions

Our Customers
  • Cherokee Energy Management and Construction Inc. 
  • Helios Resources Limited
  • St. George Chadux Corporation
  • Non-Profits