Don't Believe Us...Believe Our Testimonials!

“Tonnie is always the focused professional. His unyielding work ethics and solid knowledge base set him apart from others. Always seeking out new and greater project savings combined with his strong team concepts, make Tonnie someone you want on your team. It is always a pleasure to work with him on energy related projects and see positive results in the end.”  
Tom, V. (2011) . Energy Manager, U.S. Navy

“Tonnie is a complete professional who I have had the pleasure to work with. He takes pride in whatever job he does and gets results. I hope to work with Tonnie again in the future, excellent individual all around."  Bill, H. (2011)  Facilities Manager, Department Of Navy)

“Tonnie has an energy of enthusiasm for his work, a tireless pursuit of the projects and a Conscientious work ethic striving for success in the best interest of his client. Tonnie was a pleasure to work with and he was always available to consult with on projects under consideration. Tonnie was a team player supporting all his peers with his experiences and knowledge and always looking for the best interests of his client.” 
David, S. (2011) REM, Private Energy Contractor.

“Tonnie is knowledgeable and experienced and has the leadership skills to pull off any project as Energy Manager. In an emerging field, such as this, it is easy for people to pretend they have these attributes, however, Tonnie is the real deal, the entire package and I would be very glad to be working with him on any project. It would insure success.”
Letitia W. (2011) California Based Business Owner

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