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The Federal Energy Management Program awards the FEMP award to NAS Oceana Energy Management Team for 2014. (TCE Network Member)  President Barack Obama Awards the 2009 Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management to NAS Oceana/Dam Neck Energy Team & “TCE” Network Member!


U.S. Navy (2014)
Naval Air Station Oceana Energy Program
Virginia Beach, Virginia
During FY 2013, Naval Air Station Oceana energy program initiatives saved 18 billion Btu and 39 million gallons of water from the prior year. Naval Air Station Oceana’s energy program sought to incorporate strategies that would limit financial stress on an already tight budget. They focused on energy awareness, new technologies to improve existing systems, increasing equipment performance, and identifying sustainable building infrastructure solutions. The team implemented a variety of projects including retro commissioning, installation of ground source heat pumps, and lighting upgrades. NAS Oceana also created the concept of Distributed Energy Teams as a key component of its awareness program to encourage a natural, friendly competitive environment that will install energy conscious behaviors. The teams will infuse interesting, informative, and diversified activities into the program to maintain command involvement and interest, while also remaining self-administering and self-sustaining. As a result of these and other program efforts, as of FY 2013 Naval Air Station Oceana reduced its energy intensity by 52% and water intensity by 24% over their respective baselines.

Virginia Beach, VA-- 11/3/09— According to President Barack Obama, “…the Federal government can and should lead by example when it comes to creating innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce waste and use environmentally responsible products and technologies.”  Mr. Tonnie G. Harrison (a TCE Network Member), 23 year military veteran,  and Energy Manager with St. George Chadux for NAS Oceana & Dam Neck Bases was a key player in delivering exactly what the President ordered.  As Energy Manager, Tonnie’s leadership and collaborations with the NAS Oceana Energy Team during FY 2008 assisted NAS Oceana to reduce its energy consumption by over 40%.  This saved the Federal Government $2.4 million in energy costs and 117 billion Btu.   In fact, NAS Oceana/Dam Neck Annex surpassed its FY 2015 energy savings goal 10 years early!

"It was an honor to accompany our TCE Member, Tonnie Harrison & the NAS Oceana Team to all the festivities as they won this prestigious award signed by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden", says Francina R. Harrison, known nationally as "The Career Engineer, (TCE). "   She continues, “Tonnie is a wonderful example of how transitioning from the military to civilian employment in the uncertain economy of today is possible.”  The Career Engineer & TCE Network, http://TceNow.com  is a Virginia Based consulting firm that helps career seekers & business owners increase their “bottom-line” with career networking, social media platform building and procurement connections.   The Career Engineer's network was instrumental in “connecting the dots” during Tonnie's military to civilian transition by providing career coaching/positioning services and employment connections with Alaska based St. George Chadux, http://stgcx.com/ the energy services contractor that Tonnie is employed with.

The Career Engineer explains, “Tonnie’s 23 years of U.S. Navy service as a Senior Chief Engineman was a great platform to get him connected to the emerging Green/Energy technologies when he retired.  My firm was able to get him positioned and connected with St. George Chadux, an Alaskan based Energy & Environmental Engineering services firm, who is right on the wave of this energy economy.”   TCE further adds, “This award is a wonderful example of how private industry and government partnerships can produce results/savings to the American tax payer.”   

With the October unemployment rate hovering around 9.8%, the Green Industry (Energy & Environment services) are producing significant job security and business procurement opportunities on a national scale.  The Career Engineer shares, “We are so excited that our TCE Member Tonnie Harrison is a part of the NAS Oceana’s Energy Team and won this 2009 Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management.  It really places this energy team and our client St. George Chadux in the national spotlight with further opportunities to win contracts and hire the right talent.”