Partnering with Us

nErgy Concepts Business Outlook:  

In 2012 and beyond, a combination of activities involving residential/commercial energy consulting, (60%-70% of our business) partnering with ESCOs, contracted green energy training and nErgy Concepts patent pending product development is expected to boost our gross sales and spur growth.   We are expecting new growth for our second year in business.

We predict that with these increased economic activities will increase our ability to create green jobs, procurement opportunities and support fellow Virginia based small business in our supply/logistics needs. 

When you partner with nErgy Concepts, LLC, we will develop long term solutions together to help you achieve REAL goals toward reducing your energy cost and increasing profits. 


nErgy Concepts LLC's "energy reduction" innovation/product designs for manufacturing implications are currently in the provisional patent stage.   We are accepting serious inquiries from established firms who may have an interest in joint venture,  teaming or angel investing in 21st century green energy technology.  If you sense an interest in learning more about nErgy Concepts energy innovative technologies contact us at